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Uttarakhand is an pleasantly diverse state, with some of India’s best tramping, holiday towns and wildlife-watching all stuck into one little corner of the country. Hindus think of Uttarakhand as Dev Bhoomi – the Land of Gods – and the dramatic landscape is covered with holy mountains, lakes and rivers.

Twisted roads and high-altitude hiking tracks lead to spectacular journey sites where stories from the Hindu classics are set. The increasing Himalayan peaks and moist coastal jungles, the esteemed temples and famous ashrams. Many travellers gather here for this atmosphere, finding it a influential place to track a divine practice. Others come here for the tigers.
Nainital is crowded around a deep, green volcanic lake. It occupies a piercing forested valley around the namesake lake Naini and was founded by nostalgic Brits remind of Cumbrian Lake District. Don’t miss the steep-sided valley of Almora. Perhaps the most prominent attractions of this place are its temples that are set in the backdrop of mountains, lending it a quaint charm. Perched high on Kausani, a forest-covered crest, this tiny village has lovely panoramic views of fresh air, distant snowcapped peaks, and a comfortable atmosphere. Don’t miss the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ Mussoorie as Uttarakhand’s favourite holiday destination. When the fog disappears, visions of the green Doon Valley and the cold white-capped Himalayan peaks are outstanding, and in the scorching months the calmer temperatures and fresh mountain air make a welcome break from the grasslands below.

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